PT BPR Artadamas Mandiri

I am currently helping my dad in his small aged bank named PT Bank Perkreditan Rakyat (BPR) Artadamas Mandiri. This bank has begun operation since 1993. I am now here only with 1 mission, to expand this bank, uplift the total asset and profit.

Logo Artadamas Mandiri

My position is well… not exactly defined. I do all the “non-routine important but not urgent” jobs that has been forgotten by its employees years ago. So, I am more like a Mr. Fix Everything.

To increase profit and total asset, I am now aiming to increase lending to third party.

Those who can benefited from our lending:

  1. Consumers – to buy housing, car, motorcycle, school /university fees, etc.
  2. Automotive seller / re seller  property developer – let us take care of your installment sales. You will receive the money upfront as if you are selling hard cash!
  3. Business Owner (production) – to fund the expansion, or working capital
  4. Service provider – such as consultant, workshop organizers. Add value to your clients and stakeholders by funding them, a step further from your original value proposition.

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