Random Thought on Chasing Wealth

“I wish everyone could get rich and famous and everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that’s not the answer.” Jim Carrey

Why did Jim Carrey say that?

I never experience massive wealth and fame, so I myself is trying to guess what it means. Jadi saya berpikir-pikir, berimajinasi, mengandai-andai.

May be chasing wealth is like climbing a super high mountain. Jika saya sampai di puncak gunung, berarti saya telah berada di posisi kemakmuran yang saya inginkan.


Imajinasi ini bercerita tentang dua orang, yang ingin mendaki gunung yang sama.

Orang pertama mendaki gunung dengan sangat agresif, ingin cepat-cepat sampai ke puncak. Ia membayangkan puncak gunung pasti indah sekali, pemandangan terhampar di sepanjang jangkauan mata, dunia menjadi kecil. Nah, karena ia ingin cepat sampai di puncak, mungkin dia bawaannya ringan saja, lightweight travel. Hanya pakai baju tipis, tidak bawa baju tebal. Hanya bawa makanan dan minuman ringan dan instan. Jalan sendiri, tidak bawa teman. Hasilnya ia memang cepat sekali progressnya. Dalam sekejap saja dia sudah sampai puncak.

But guess what he finds at the top? Pemandangan memang indah, tapi ternyata ia lupa puncak gunung itu dingin dan berangin. Ia tidak bawa baju tebal, hanya bawa makanan instan, dan ia jalan sendiri. Dingin, sendiri, dan tidak cukup makan, will it be enjoyable? I guess not.

Ada orang kedua, ia juga sangat ingin mencapai puncak seperti orang pertama. Bedanya, he really takes his time. Sebelum mulai mendaki, ia menghabiskan waktu untuk mengajak teman-temannya mendaki bersama dia. Ia membawa segala peralatan masak, cangkir, kompor, baju tebal. Barang bawaannya menjadi banyak sekali, dan rombongannya jadi besar.

Dengan barang bawaan sebanyak itu, dia mendaki lebih lambat dari orang pertama. Mungkin dua kali, tiga kali, empat kali lebih lambat. Kadang salah satu temannya kelelahan sehingga perjalanan terhenti, padahal ia masih segar dan ingin meneruskan perjalanan. Tapi ia setia kepada temannya, sehingga iapun ikut berhenti. Dia tidak meninggalkan rombongannya. Kadang temannya sakit, ia pun terpaksa berhenti beberapa waktu untuk merawatnya.

Perjalanan jadi merepotkan, lamban, tapi ia memastikan walaupun lambat, dia tetap mendaki, bersama.

Setelah perjalanan yang melelahkan, akhirnya ia sampai di puncak. Beda dengan orang pertama yang sama-sama mendapat pemandangan indah, ia bawa baju tebal. Ia bawa teman-teman. Dia dapat menikmati pemandangan tanpa kedinginan. Ia bawa peralatan masak, dia bisa menikmati pemandangan sambil makan sup hangat, ngobrol dan bersenda gurau dengan teman-teman. Ia bisa tinggal selamanya disitu tanpa merasa kurang apapun.

Bagaimana dengan orang pertama? Karena ia kedinginan, ia ingin cepat-cepat turun. Ia berlari untuk turun, akhirnya kepleset dan jatuh dengan sangat cepat kebawah, dan menyakitkan.

Orang pertama adalah orang yang ingin cepat-cepat sampai ke puncak kekayaan, tapi ia lupa dengan hal penting lainnya. Ia lupa dengan keluarganya, teman-temannya, kesiapan mentalnya, dan kesehatan fisiknya. Ia mengorbankan segalanya untuk sampai di puncak secepat mungkin.

Orang kedua adalah orang yang juga ingin sampai ke puncak kemakmuran, tapi ia tidak lupa dengan keluarga, orang-orang disekitarnya, kesiapan mentalnya, dan kesehatan fisiknya sendiri. Memang, keluarga dan teman memberatkan, memperlambat jalan ke tujuan. Kadang pendakian (baca:pekerjaan) harus terhenti karena teman lagi sedih dan butuh penghiburan. Sesekali jadi harus absen masuk kantor untuk menyelesaikan pekerjaan (baca: kehilangan kesempatan untuk keliatan jadi karyawan super di mata bos) karena ada acara keluarga. Pekerjaan harus berhenti sejenak untuk istirahat.

Tapi bukankah keluarga, teman, pasangan hidup, kesehatan, dan kematangan / kedewasaan yang membuat segala harta dan kemakmuran menjadi sepenuhnya enjoyable?

Just like Barney Stinson said : “Whatever you do in this life, it is not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it”


LATE Project, Stopped

I guess doing this project (that is to note down one thing I learn each day) is more difficult than i imagined. I stop here not because i stop learning, in fact this week i learn in tremendous amount. It’s just, sometimes the learning just cannot be shared, or sometimes I just don’t have energy to write it at night. Haha, I am not blaming the excuses, just sharing what are the challenges.


This post is part of the Learn A Thing Everyday (LATE) Project. More information about the project is here.

I bumped into this question in quora earlier this morning, and the question was:

Is it a valid argument that you should be happy with your life because there are people who are much worse off than you?

I found an interesting answer, as follow:

By Thea Pilarczyk, Storyteller, Animator, Designer, Human
“When I was about sixteen years old, I had an experience that forever shaped my answer to this question. It involved a friend, a walk in November, two fathers – one abusive, the other caring – and a Thanksgiving turkey. And it’s all true, as far as my memory can recall.At the time, I had a good friend my age who had a truly terrible living situation. Her mother was nowhere around; and her father was a physically abusive, alcoholic terror of a man. They lived on a farm many miles outside of town, and she was too young to drive, so she was often stuck there with no way to escape. He would battle his demons, and she would get caught in the crossfire.That Thanksgiving, she was attempting to cook a traditional turkey dinner for her and her father. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I do know that he flew into a rage about the way in which she was trying to prepare this generous meal for him. He beat her while she was preparing the turkey, and she never even got it in the oven. This attack was worse than many had been before, so she fled in terror, and didn’t go back for days. I remember her fixating on the turkey…that it was still raw on the counter.

One of these evenings, still unwilling to go home, she asked if she could stay the night at my house. Of course I agreed, and my parents were understanding. We decided to make a night of it, in the limited way that teenagers still living with their parents can, and to get her mind off of it we went downtown, which was within walking distance of my home.

We were out enjoying the cool autumn evening, strolling down Main Street, when suddenly she began to panic. She thought she saw her father just down the block, and her fear was so vivid that she immediately leapt behind a building, pulling me with her. She was shaking, and I remember that her long fingernails were digging into my hands so deeply, I thought she would break the skin.

She begged me to stay, to hide with her, until she was sure he was gone. She apologized about keeping me there, and asked for just a little more time, until she felt safe enough to go. It got dark, and then darker, and finally when she was ready, we left our hiding spot and made a slow, awkward trek back to my house.

When we got back home, my father was furious. He hadn’t set any specific curfew, but it was understood that I should be home before it got too dark, and he had been worried sick about where I was (this was in the days before cell phones). He screamed at me in a way that I hadn’t been yelled at in years, didn’t give me a chance to explain, informed me that I would never let it happen again, and left the room.

As we began to prepare the fold-out couch, tears filled me until I couldn’t hold them in any longer, and they poured out of me in a stream of sobs. I was trying desperately to hold it back, to keep from crying like a blubbering idiot in front of my friend, but I couldn’t control myself. It came whether I wanted it to or not, like a flood.

My friend ended up comforting me through it. She, who no more than a day ago had been physically beaten by her drunk father for trying to do something nice for him, and who just an hour ago was cowering in fear because she thought she saw a glimpse of him on the street. She was comforting me, who had just been chewed out verbally for the first time in years. My father’s only crime was that he cared about my safety. Her father’s crimes were much worse.

I don’t think that I have ever again been as embarrassed as I was in that moment. I had it easy compared to her, I knew it, and I could see it plainly…the events of that evening had ingrained it in my brain. If ever there was a stark contrast showing the types of discipline fathers can lay on their daughters, that would be it. But of the two of us, I was the one crying, and she was the one offering a shoulder.

The thing is, the emotion I felt didn’t come from my brain, it came from somewhere much more primal. While my brain was thinking analytically, weighing evidence against evidence, bad against worse, and worrying about the reactions of the particular audience in the room and how she might judge me for this; my heart cared only for the fact that the father I love had just spoken to me in anger. My heart cared that I had hurt him, and broken his trust, and that he had hurt me in return. It couldn’t care less what happened to anyone else that week, or who else in the world might have more cause than me to cry. It was worried only about the love it felt the need to give and receive, and whether or not that stream of love was fluid and unbroken.

So when you ask whether it’s a valid argument that one should be happy with their life because there are people much worse off, then yes, absolutely it’s a valid argument. A perfectly reasonable, sound, and logical argument. But it doesn’t matter in the slightest.

Our happiness, sorrow, fear, anger, jealousy, and other primal emotions don’t listen to valid arguments. You can throw validity at it all day, but if you’re broken-hearted because you lost someone you love, the fact that someone else on the other side of the world just lost ten people they love doesn’t make that grief go away. Sometimes, it can make you feel even worse.

A valid argument cannot prevent pain, but it can help. Logic can help guide the heart, or help heal it. It can offer peace of mind, or give you reasons for which to be happy, reasons to keep in mind and strive for. It can help give your grief, anger, frustration or jealousy a shorter lifespan. And if you truly accept it, it can change the way you see the world and your place in it.

But never let logic or valid arguments prevent you from reacting to something negative in an emotional way. You have a right, as a human being, to react to the things that hurt you. You even have a right to become sad or angry about them, though that may not be the type of person you wish you could be. In my opinion, it’s what you do afterward that determines how thankful a person you are. Do you continue to dwell on it? Or do you take what you can from it, find some peace, and move on?”



I think it is so true, that logic cannot overcome what you feel. my favorite line is

“You have a right, as a human being, to react to the things that hurt you. You even have a right to become sad or angry about them, though that may not be the type of person you wish you could be. In my opinion, it’s what you do afterward that determines how thankful a person you are. Do you continue to dwell on it? Or do you take what you can from it, find some peace, and move on?”


Because when I have dispute with my boss, I am okay to be told what to do what I don’t like, to accept my boss’ arguments how ridiculous it is, but I will not listen to anyone telling me what to feel. If am angry with the decision, i will accept and follow my boss decision, but don’t expect me showing a happy face. That is my right how to feel.

Apart from that, this answer also shows that we should never comfort a sad person with line “Jangan sedih lah, lihat tuh masih banyak orang yang lebih susah daripada lu”. Comforting a sad person by saying he cannot be sad because his reason is INVALID is a BAD MOVE. It will only make the person feel worse. Every person has the right to be sad.

What i learn from this answer? next time I try comforting people, best strategy is to avoid using any logic, let him/her take his/her moments, admitting that he/she has right and valid reason to be sad, and remind him to get back up, and moves on with life. Shit does happen once in a while.

My Recent Creation – Warehouse Application #Project

Baru-baru ini saya menyelesaikan sebuah project (well technically belum selesai sih, tapi udah Go-Live dan tinggal finishing2 aja), yaitu membuat sebuah sistem untuk perusahaan sewa-menyewa pergudangan.

Ini adalah contoh home pagenya.

Home Page

Home Page

Home page secara sekilas memuat jadwal sewa menyewa dari seluruh gudang, termasuk menunjukkan siapa yang menyewa dan sampai tanggal berapa, termasuk statusnya apakah masih aktif atau sudah habis.

Bisa juga untuk melihat mana-mana yang sewanya sudah mau habis bulan ini seperti dibawah ini:

Rent End Notification

Rent End Notification

Atau ada orang nanya tanggal segini segitu kosong ga, bisa langsung diinput tanggalnya maka sistem yang akan langsung mencarikan buat anda. Sistem ini juga akan mencegah orang booking di tempat yang sama di tanggal yang sama (schedule clash prevention), sehingga meminimalisasi risiko tabrakan booking.

Program ini juga diperuntukkan untuk menyimpan data detail klien seperti dibawah ini,

Customer Details

Customer Details

sehingga memudahkan pencarian informasi terkait klien.

Program ini dirancang untuk mampu membuat tagihan dan kuitansi biaya maintenance.


Maintenance Bill

Maintenance Bill

Program ini juga dibekali kemampuan untuk menghitung secara otomatis tagihan listrik setiap bulan. Anda tinggal masukkan saja angka pada meteran listrik di masing-masing gudang, dan semuanya akan dihitung otomatis oleh sistem

Electricity Invoice

Electricity Invoice

Hidup jadi lebih mudah :). Program ini 100% customized sesuai dengan kebutuhan klien saya. Dan sampai sekarang tetap saya support sampai sistem 100% sejalan dengan praktek yang ia jalankan selama ini.

Sistem ini bersifat lokal (intranet), multi user, dan kalau satu user meng-input data akan otomatis terlihat oleh user lain (database langsung terupdate secara real-time intranet).

Saya sekarang bantu2 bokap di banknya dia, tapi kerja model teng-go (jam 5 teng langsung cabut pulang). Nah sekarang saya ada sedikit waktu setiap malam, yah kalo bagi yang membutuhkan sistem sederhana, boleh lah saya bikinkan 🙂 #pamer(padahal-engga-bagus) #maklumpemula #sekalianJualan

Untuk yang bingung kok gw bisa nyempung ke dunia IT beginian, this is my story : click here

Supaya mencegah tertipunya anda sekalian, post2 model bgini saya kasih hashtag #project deh pada judulnya haha