Today, i learned about how to set up Dynamic DNS (DDNS), computer stuff, but it is part of trying to connect multiple computers from different geographical locations. In simple word, I am trying to make a database accessible from many location, making it online, and DDNS in only small part of it. Still progressing though.

Now, more earthly thing that I learn is about insight. I am reading a book titled “Seeing What Others Don’t – The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insight”. Good book, still in the middle of finishing it. What it means by insight is something we usually call eureka moment, “aha!” moment, when we suddenly think of great and out-of-the-box ideas that get us out of problems, or creating innovation, or everything that simply makes our life better. A evolutionary way of doing thing

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This book consists of 3 part. Part 1 is how we get insight. Part 2 is how organization prevents its member from being insightful (a.k.a creative). Part 3 is what organization can do to boost insight. I’ve finished part 1 quite long time ago. Today, I enter part 2.


Two things that will make organization suppress insight:

  1. The Predictability Trap – when you are given a project, you will make a sound plan of how you are going to execute it. You make the dates, deadlines, budgets, people assignments, etc. People like thing being predictable, so they can achieve desired result. Problem with that: insight, break-through ideas, creativity, are not predictable at all. They are disruptive. They come without warning, take forms that unexpected, and open up unimagined opportunities. They carry risk, can change all your plan. Not many people are ready or want to to the extra work that comes with insight. It’s just beyond their comfort zone.
  2. The Perfection Trap – Perfection is absence of error. Organization have a lot of reasons to dislike errors. They can pose severe safety risk, disrupt coordination, lead to waste, reduce chance for project success, can result in lawsuits and bad publicity. Meanwhile, Insights carry tremendous risk, very high rewarding if it success, and lots of downside if fails. There is a lot of potential errors, and insight usually involve something that has never been done before. It will almost create errors. However, avoiding errors means killing insight. There is no risk-free insight.

You should read this good book for more details and examples.

That’s what I learned about insight today.


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