Learn A Thing Everyday (LATE) Project

I am a person who believes that in order to grow I need to learn new things everyday. It might be related to my job, to solve problems, to do things better, to adopt better life principles, or even as light as learning what I like as a hobby, which has no correlation to anything I am doing. I believe learning makes individual become interesting person. Learning create stories.

However, that very kind of principle does not run smoothly everyday. There are some days that I do routines, forget to learn and when the days goes out, I am too tired to do anything else but sleep, hence nothing new is learned.

Suddenly this idea struck me this morning, what if I write down at least one thing i learn everyday. This way, my mind will keep aware to find new thing, so I’ll have something to write and publish. So was born this project, LATE, short for Learn A Thing Everyday.

Beside pushing myself to learn, this project will serves as a reminder to me, what i have learned. Hopefully it will be useful in the future when i bump into problems, dilemmas, or similar situation to my past. So this acts as documentation.

I also had heard somewhere a quote goes like this “Our life is too short to make all mistakes to learn from. Learn from others”. I will be glad if my learning is also useful for others, so others can avoid mistakes I made or learn what i do well.

Learning itself is a process. Insight from my experience can change overtime, sometime it become contradictory. Sometimes it will even be wrong. So, please use your personal filter when you read my learning.

I don’t know if this is only a temporary excitement, if this is do-able, or what challenges might come in my way running this project, so as a start, this project will have a time span of 100 days. If it succeed, I may extend the project life, if don’t, then I am sorry.

One thought on “Learn A Thing Everyday (LATE) Project

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